We are all early
crypto investors.

We started by extensively investing and using
DeFi technology for ourselves.

Our Story

DeFi enables investors to increase yields over traditional finance, however this yield normally comes with significant principal risk and volatility. Our strategy focuses on capital preservation while providing extraordinary yields, though:

Capital Preservation: 90%-100% in collateralized stable coins

Cash flowing: Receive yield monthly

Liquid: ability to move in/out with limited rails

DeFi has opened up new opportunities, not possible 5-years ago, and sometimes not possible even 5 months ago. Coinium is on the forefront of these opportunities.

We want to bring in people to crypto who have never invested before, but want to gain exposure.

We want to bring in people who have
started investing and learning about
crypto and DeFi investing, who are now
also looking for professional
management aligned with our strategies.


DeFi Masterclass
DeFi Masterclass
DeFi Masterclass
DeFi Masterclass

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